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At Yishama, Quality and passion is what we thrive for.

‘Yishama’ comes from the hebrew word ישמע ,

which means ‘to be heard’.

The vision behind the Yishama is to create

a sound sculpture that will offer the individual

a unique experience of self exploration

through sound, beat and harmony.

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Currently there are no known waiting times for receiving an Yishama, but by joining our circle you may receive news about flash sales

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Videos of Yishama Player's around the world.

Our studio

Here you can find information about the team at Yishama Pantam.

Yishama photography gallery 

Browse through our gallery of Yishama Pantams to see multiple sizes and designs.

Pantam lottery

In this section we will donate a

Pantam to charity organisations

and you can have the chance

of winning it by participating in the lottery.

Flash Sales

Here we will offer instruments for immediate purchase, there are no fixed dates and time for the Flash Sale.

You can try your luck in this page every few days :)

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