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Yishama Pantam was founded in 2014 by Yhonatan Ale-Yahav (formally known as Yonatan Bar).
Yhonatan started his journey in a small house located in the Karmel mountains in Israel, where he could spend his time hammering and diving deep in the world of steel and tuning.

After 2 years of research in the field of steel and frequencies the Yishama Pantams were ready to be released to the world.

Since then Yhonatan's passion for deepening the research of scales, materials, techniques, shaping and tuning had kept on growing and helped to push the field of Pantam building.


In 2017 Ido Siri joined Yishama and helped to push the limits further with his great passion for creating high quality instruments,
 his vision with Yhonatan's vision were aligned and a new chapter has opened for the building process.
Today the team focuses their energy on building high quality instruments to provide each and every player with a rich and deep experience every time they touch their instrument.

The Yishama's are offered in 3 sizes - 50 / 53 / 56 cM in diameter and a large variety of scales going as low as E2 dings and high as E6 note.

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